“To play without passion is inexcusable!” - Beethoven








Beginning to Advanced Lessons On:

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The piano is a great instrument for any age. There are a lot of different styles of piano music to choose from, and players of all levels and ages can benefit from lessons!




The oboe is known as the most difficult of the woodwind instruments, and with good reason. It takes dedication, determination, patience, and a ton of practice, but players are rewarded with a beautiful sound and a love of their instrument.




The bassoon is a double reed instrument like the oboe, and it's almost as difficult to play. With several more keys than other woodwind instruments, it can be technically demanding, as well as difficult to play in tune to produce a good sound. When played well, the bassoon is a fun instrument with a lot of character.




The clarinet is a popular instrument for young band students, and it is very versatile, played in everything from jazz to Mozart. With a good reed and proper instruction, parents of beginners taking private lessons won't have to listen to that horrible "squeaking" nearly as long as other parents of beginners before their child starts to really make music!



Beginning to Intermediate Lessons On:



The recorder is much more than a toy. It is a versatile instrument that comes in several sizes. It is an easy instrument to learn to play but it's a challenge to play it well.

New: Voice Lessons for Kids

Voice lessons, in addition to weekly piano lessons, can be a valuable tool in developing a student's ear and musicianship. Voice lessons will also ensure that kids who are already singing are using proper technique and not injuring their voices. 



Other Instruments

Beginning flute and saxophone lessons are offered on a case-by-case basis. Music theory tutoring and oboe reed making lessons are also available upon request.







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